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100% Silk Sensation Pillowcase

$109.00 NZD

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase packaged in a lovely gift box.

Keep your face and hair healthy. A silk pillowcase helps reduce the effects of "bed hair" and split ends as the natural properties of silk help reduce friction on your hair that often causes damage. 

  • FOR BETTER SLEEP QUALITY - Take your beauty rest without worrying about harmful substances on your pillowcase. These silk pillowcases are completely natural.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR & SKIN - Silk does not absorb moisture, so unlike standard cotton pillowcases The smooth and frictionless surface of our silk pillow covers are gentler on your skin and great for your hair. Sleep soundly without worrying about irritated skin when you wake up. No more creased cheeks and frizzy hair in the morning!
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Each silk pillowcase fits standard bed pillows and comes in 4 beautiful colours. Our 100% organic silk pillowcase is the perfect sleep essential for everyone at home!
  • A LUXURIOUS GIFT – Each pillowcase comes in a gorgeous gift box, making it an excellent present for a friend or loved one!