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Welcome to our page of most commonly asked questions. Please peruse the below list to see if it answers your query. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please email our customer service team at hello@homedog.co.nz

Where can I find the size guide?

Sizing information for all HOMEDOG products can be found on the relevant product page. This is only a guide as every product is cut differently. If you have any further questions, just email hello@homedog.co.nz who will be able to offer a bit more guidance.

Where do Anorak manufacture their goods?

Anorak currently work with ethical and audited factories in India, Portugal and in the UK . They follow the Ethical Trade initiative when assessing their factories, which reviews the Labour standards, responsible recruitment and fair wage. It addresses Health and Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics. They also encourage our factories to have unions, so workers have their say to help improve their surroundings.

How do we get silk?

Silk is a fine, strong, lustrous fibre which is the product of the silk worm. The silk worm spins a silk cocoon that is used to yield silk fibre.

Over a period of three to four weeks, a silk worm lives on an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Over 2-3 days the silk worm forms a cocoon, spinning over 1,500 metres of continuous thread.

Approximately twenty cocoons are then stretched over a bamboo half hoop and left to dry in the shade for 3-4 days. This forms what we call a ‘silk cap’ and is then stretched out by hand to the size of a duvet. The silk cap has now formed one layer of the duvet. It takes approximately 80 layers for a summer weight duvet and 140 layers for a winter weight duvet.

The life cycle of the silk worm occurs four times each year. The best silk is produced during the spring months when the mulberry leaves are of the highest quality.

Why is silk good for your health?

Silk’s natural hypoallergenic qualities are appreciated across the globe. Silk bedding is a popular option for allergy sufferers. Silk doesn’t accommodate dust or house mites which are often found in ordinary bedding materials such as down, feather and wool. Many cultures have recognised for thousands of years that silk can ease aches and pains (such as arthritis and rheumatism). It soothes the skin. Our silk duvets and pillows are made from 100% pure organic silk with no chemicals used in the manufacturing process. It is all made from natural fibre - even the packaging!

Why do we use Long Silk fibres?

This means our silk duvets are filled with long silk. This allows the fibres of the duvet to drape over you, avoiding both draughty opening at the bottom or side of the bed and bunching or separating that other duvets are prone to.

What duvets do we have available?

250g summer weight

400g winter weight

200g Underlays

Please note you can join both the summer and winter duvet together for an extra warm duvet

What size duvets and sheets do you have available?

  • Single
  • King Single
  • Queen
  • King
  • Super King
  • California King
  • Australian Super King

What pillows do you stock?

  • 100% silk pillows
  • 50% silk mix pillows
  • 100% silk pillowcases

Why use a silk pillowcase?

A silk pillowcase is breathable and naturally provides a cooling effect. Silk pillowcases keep your hair untangled during sleep and are much more healthier on your skin. It is recommended for people with irritable skin. Silk does not absorb moisture, so unlike standard cotton pillowcases, silk keeps your hair frizz and tangle free during sleep. 

Why buy our Deluxe ‘Got to be cotton’ sheets?

Few would deny that at the end of a long hard day, sliding into a comfortable bed with soft smooth sheets that pamper your skin is one of life’s greatest pleasures. After all, you spend nearly a third of your life between those sheets, so why wouldn’t you want the best…. Our 775 sateen threadcount sheets are made from 100% ELS cotton. ELS (extra – long staple) has fibres longer than 34mm that are associated only with very high quality cotton cloth. Our sheets are 5 star hotel quality. The sheets remain soft and supple wash after wash. All of our flat and fitted sheets have an extra allowance for the modern deeper mattress.

Why Hemp?

Hemp is 100% natural, carbon neutral, biodegradable and sustainable. It is so soft.  Hemp is wonderfully breathable – which helps regulate body temperature (warm in the winter and cool during the summer months).  As a comparison hemp is slightly warmer than wool - yet has much higher cooling qualities.  Hemp is non allergenic and antibacterial – meaning that along with silk it is a great option for allergy sufferers.

Whilst the hemp plant grows, it will absorb up to two tonnes of Co2 per tonne of fibre harvested, therefore reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The Co2 is never released from the hemp throughout ifs lifetime, making hemp a carbon neutral fibre.  Fibres such as wool, down and man-made fibres such as synthetics have processes in their production that result in a heavy carbon footprint.

Hemp’s insulation eco credentials stem from the plant’s high rate of growth, versatility, biodegradability, and non-toxicity.  Able to grow in diverse conditions, hemp needs minimal amounts of water and does not rely on artificial irrigation.  Adding to its appeal, the hemp plant is a natural weed deterrent due to its rate of growth and can be grown without the use of any chemical pesticides or herbicides.

How do I wash these products?

Silk Duvet/Pillows

DO NOT launder, machine wash, tumble dry or bleach the silk inner.  Dry cleaning on a delicate cycle is recommended (and then only occasionally).  Air outside periodically (preferably not in direct sunlight).  Spillage that has penetrated to the silk floss may be gently sponged and air-dried outside. 

Deluxe ‘Got to be Cotton’ sheets

Easily cared for, they are highly durable and can be washed up to 40 degrees on a regular wash. Washing in more than 40 degrees may cause shrinkage. These should not be put in the dryer. 

Silk Pillowcases

Machine wash up to 40 degrees or handwash. Air dry (not in direct sunlight). DO NOT tumble dry.

Hemp Duvets/ Pillows

DO NOT launder, machine wash, tumble dry or bleach the hemp inner.  Dry cleaning on a delicate cycle is recommended (and then only occasionally).  Air outside periodically (preferably not in direct sunlight).  Spillage that has penetrated to the hemp floss may be gently sponged and air-dried outside.