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100% Hemp filled duvet | Winter Weight | 500gsm

$389.00 NZD

500GSM Our Natures Bedding Co duvet inners are filled with 100% pure natural hemp and covered in a 240TC self stripe 100% cotton casing

HEMP is breathable, lightweight, antibacterial, sustainable, biodegradable, and possibly the best duvet available for the environment

Hemp is breathable, lightweight, inhospitable to dust mites, antibacterial and hypo allergenic, making these the perfect duvet for allergy sufferers

Hemp is a carbon neutral fibre, it is sustainable, and being biodegradable is great for the environment.

Our 100% PURE NATURAL HEMP Duvets are breathable and help regulate sleep, they are also lightweight. Our hemp duvets have a 5 year "quality of workmanship guarantee"

The 500gsm hemp duvets are great for cooler climates, older houses, and people who like to sleep really warm.

The 300gsm hemp duvets are great for warmer climates, and modern well insulated homes.

The duvets can be joined together if you prefer a really warm sleep.