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KiwiCats Fishy Flakes Bonito 15g

$8.99 NZD

Our tasty KiwiCats FishyFlakes are made from 100% all-natural Bonito Tuna. Your cat will find the rich, smoky, fishy aroma and flavour of this gourmet treat hard to resist!

Dry shaved Bonito Tuna is packed with nutrients that are good for cats. More specifically it is a high natural source of essential amino acid Taurine, protein and fish oils while being low in carbohydrates and sodium.

  • 100% all-natural pure thick-shaved Bonito Tuna.
  • A great, nutritious treat to add to your cat's diet.
  • Low in fat, high in quality protein and rich in natural Omega-3.
  • Contains essential amino acid Taurine for healthyretinal and heart function.
  • Free of artificial flavours, additives and colours.
  • Keeps your cat's skin healthy and fur glossy.

Made in Japan