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DOOG Car Seat - Black (Large Breeds)

$199.99 NZD

The new LARGE DOOG car booster seat is the perfect solution for your four-legged friend on long trips in the car. Our larger pet booster seat is designed to keep larger breeds secure and safe while on the move.

- Fits one large dog or 2 x small to medium dogs (only comes with one harness attachment but DOOG car restraint can be used to plug in 2nd dog.)

- Stretches across the back seat on in the boot/ trunk of an SUV

- Removable inner pillow cover for easy washing

- Large Pocket for dog toys/leash

- 2 loops go across back seat for stability

- Doubles as a large, comfy dog bed at your destination

Click here to see the video: https://youtu.be/VLSkyKqCeHI